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KA3 Support for policy reform – Dedicated VET Tools

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Project duration:

24 MONTHS, November 2019 – October 2021

Project partners:

IHK- Projektgesellschaft MBH (DE), Research Innovation and Development LAB PRIVATE COMPANY (EL), WELCOME A.P.S. (IT), Lycee Charles Et Adrien Dupuy (FR), Solski Center Nova Gorica (SI).

NEW VET – Network fostering the European Work-based learning system for VET providers

Due the variety of systems, socioeconomic contexts and starting points in the education and training sector, Member States are at different levels of development in VET. However, Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia and Greece share the same need to support the empowerment of their VET providers’ actors in drawing and implementing high quality Work Based Learning schemes. To meet this challenge NEW VET project seeks to:
1_Systemise national networking opportunities for VET providers to further become effective lever in supporting VET reforms at their national and EU level;
2_Increase the quality of national VET systems giving effective implementation to EU recommendations and tools (i.e. ECVET);
3_Raise the awareness on the Work-Based Learning system to make VET a more popular and attractive system.
To reach its objectives, the transnational VET providers consortium will firstly participate in a capacity building programme to address 3 hot topics connected with the effectiveness of the system and to directly make experiences of well-established models for VET cooperation practices, then it will translate the main lessons learnt into specific pilot actions by: drafting their new/revised long term internationalisation strategies, implementing joint coaching programmes for VET teachers, mentors/tutors and in-company trainers and proposing selected portfolio of national/EU cooperation activities.